Reasons to consider a Gold Coast seachange for your next move

Making the decision to move isn’t easy, especially when that move means ending up somewhere completely new. The difficulty involved in such a large relocation often prohibits people from giving it a go.
But you know what people say: no pain, no gain. And if you’re a potential seachanger with the Gold Coast in mind, there’s certainly a lot to gain.
We here at JW Prestige Agents have put together some of the best reasons for you to consider a Gold Coast seachange for your next move. You won’t be disappointed.

Cheaper property prices

Although rising Gold Coast property prices are getting closer to those of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, you’re still getting much more bang for your buck on the GC. If you’re selling up from those particular capital cities, expect to live in a higher quality property or make some money from the move.

Greater mobility

For anyone accustomed with the standard peak-hour traffic in various state capitals, driving through some Gold Coast Highway or Bermuda Street congestion is laughable. Being able to get around easily means spending less time in your car commuting to work and doing more things you enjoy.

Surrounding environment

One of the great attractions of the Gold Coast is that it is sandwiched between the ocean and stunning hinterland. Sure, everyone knows the sand and sea that Queensland is famous for, but for those who haven’t yet experienced the beauty of the hinterland, you’ll be amazed.

Health benefits

There is emerging research suggesting that the closer to the coast a person lives, the greater their overall health. While there may be a range of factors involved in this, who can argue that frequent doses of sun, sand and sea aren’t good for the soul?

Beach and surf culture

It’s very likely that the Gold Coast has the strongest beach and surf culture in the country. If you’re not accustomed to surf slang, swimming at your favourite flags, nipper carnivals, boardrider clubs and locations like Snapper Rocks, Kirra and Burleigh Hill, you soon will after arriving at the Gold Coast.

Cafes, entertainment and dining

Long gone are the days when cities like Melbourne laid claim to the best coffee, bars and restaurants in Australia. The Gold Coast is now brimming with quality establishments, and unlike Melbourne, it’s easy to find a quality cappuccino before 7AM.

If you’re thinking of relocating to the Gold Coast but don’t quite know where to start, give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.