Location Spotlight | Burleigh Waters 4220

As beachside suburbs have boomed along the Gold Coast over the past five years, particularly the last twelve months, surrounding locations have also enjoyed a surge in interest.
Burleigh Waters has been a big benefactor of Burleigh’s huge rise in popularity in recent years.
Perfectly situated towards the middle of the Gold Coast stretch, Burleigh Waters will continue to consolidate its reputation as a sought-after, high-profile place to live.

Demographic Profile
The largest segment of Burleigh Waters residents are Older Couples and Families (families, couples,
extended families, and single parents aged 55-64) who account for 16.7% of locals. This segment is
followed by Established Couples and Families (families, couples, extended families, and single
parents aged 45-54) (16.3%) and Maturing Couples and Families (Families, Couples, Extended
Families, and Single Parents aged 35-44) (11.2%).
The suburb has an approximate population of 15,500, with a median age of around 41 years. Around
76% of properties are owner-occupied and 24% are rented.

Real Estate Value
Over the past twelve months, the median sale price was $1,082,500 for houses and $510,000 for
units. Looking back over the past ten years, Burleigh Waters has grown an average of 5.66% per
annum for houses, and 3.76% for units.
Over the past twelve months, which takes into account rising property values on the Gold Coast
since the onset of COVID-19, median house prices have risen 11.11%, with median unit prices
growing rapidly by 25.16%.
Regarding rental returns, the median weekly rent is $740 for houses and $490 for units.

Property Demand
Realestate.com.au lists Burleigh Waters as a ‘high demand market’, with each property listing
receiving an average of 2,314 webpage visits, compared to the broader Queensland average of 873.
There have been approximately 220 properties sold in Burleigh Waters over the past twelve months.
The average listing period for houses was 36 days, compared with 39 days for units, however these
averages are likely much less in recent months.

Location Layout
Burleigh Waters is approximately 6.7 square kilometres and has a high number of parks (41) that
cover roughly 9.7% of its area. It is centrally located with Burleigh Heads to the south, Varsity Lakes
to the east, and Miami to the north.
It’s located 90 kilometres from Brisbane CBD, 15 kilometres from Southport, 21 kilometres from
Coolangatta and 84 kilometres from Byron Bay.

Facilities and Attractions
Burleigh Waters is a highly-sought after suburb, with many of its properties located on waterways.
It’s also next-door to the increasingly popular Burleigh Heads, as well as popular beaches like Miami.
Although Burleigh Waters consists primarily of residential real estate, its proximity to other Gold
Coast postcodes such as Burleigh Heads, means there is plenty of entertainment, shopping, dining
and cafes at its doorstep.

It’s also conveniently located close to West Burleigh, proving close access to a number of
commercial outlets for all of your specialty needs.

Final Thought
Burleigh Waters is obviously an exclusive Gold Coast suburb and looks to continue that way into the
future. It is preferred by some over its neighbour Burleigh Heads because of its family-oriented feel,
away from the hustle-and-bustle of surrounding locations. Investing in Burleigh Waters is a safe bet.