As we know, the value of a property extends beyond the four walls of a house. Yet people invest substantial time and money into interior renovations, while paying little attention to outdoor areas.
You don’t have to be a professional green thumb or DIY expert to make significant improvements to the landscaping of your home. We here at JW. Prestige Agents have put together a list of low-cost projects that will not only increase the value of your property, but make it far more enjoyable to live in.

Healthy lawns and clean edges
Maintaining a healthy green lawn isn’t difficult, and it’s one of the first things any visitor or potential buyer will notice when they arrive at your home. There’s an abundance of information online to get you started, and your local hardware or nursery can also assist. And remember to keep those edges trimmed!

Get planting
The usefulness of thriving trees and shrubs cannot be overstated. They provide shade in summer months, compliment the exterior of your house, create a welcome space for birds and animals, and soften surrounding noise. It’s hard to achieve a fantastic home without flourishing plants.

Mulching is a simple way to make your gardens appear neat and well-maintained. But mulching doesn’t just look great, it also helps soil to keep cool and retain moisture, which is good news for your gardens. It comes in different varieties and you may be able to find ultra-cheap mulch from tree removal companies.

Lay new turf
If your lawn has passed the point of no return, it may be time to replace it. New turf is inexpensive relative to the value and impact it will provide. Healthy lawns are of interest to prospective buyers, particularly families who are looking for a comfortable area for children to play.

Go easy when trimming and pruning
When it comes time to sell your home, take it easy when giving your gardens a prune. Plants and shrubs that have been hacked of all their foliage to the point of extinction isn’t a good look. Instead, show that your gardens are cared for by giving them a gentle trim, paying attention to any discoloured or unhealthy branches.

Choose wisely with decking and paving
Every Queensland property needs a functional outdoor space for people to relax, but it’s worthwhile thinking ahead before diving in to your next DIY project. Timber decking, while looking great, will require ongoing maintenance, whereas products such as pavers and tiles can be cheaper and easier in the long run. There are now a whole range of products on the market to suit your needs.

Keep things private Modern homes are now being built using large glass doors and windows that blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor, but such design can expose the house and reduce privacy. This is where innovative landscaping is necessary to block the view of neighbours and pedestrians. Use hedging and broad-leaf plant varieties that are both practical and attractive.

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