We’ve all spent far too much of 2020 locked up indoors, but one thing we have learnt is that interior design can influence how we work, rest and feel. At a time when the outside world is plagued by uncertainty, designing our homes in a way that contributes positively to our lives is one thing we do have control over.

We here at JW. Prestige Agents have done our homework and put together a few contemporary interior design trends that will get you thinking about how your home can be improved. They are simple and straightforward, yet capable of delivering maximum impact.

Get your colour on

Given we are spending more time at home due to the pandemic, designers are expecting a move away from office-dominated greys, whites and blacks that have overwhelmed interiors in recent years, to cheerful earthy tones that brighten up a space.

From earthy mustards, terracotta’s and rusty hues, to more adventurous caramels, olive greens and even soft pinks, colour looks set to come pouring back into our homes as we all look to create a little more joy in our lives.

TIP: select pure colours that are able to sit well alongside neutrals, such as earthy browns, blues and greens.

The perfection of imperfect finishes

As our lives become more digitised and integrated with technology, our homes will become a place for us to rebel against the encroaching artificialness of the modern world. Let’s face it, we could all do with a break from the blandness of our devices.

Imperfect finishes will again be celebrated, such as roughly cut stone, grainy and discoloured timbers, and coarse concretes. Not only do these materials look great alongside more traditional colours and surfaces, but they can bring life and texture into an otherwise dull looking home.

TIP: hunt around outdoors for fallen branches, logs or palms to use as natural décor pieces.

Loud and proud wall paper and panels

Clean and minimalist styling has had a good run over recent years, but there are now exciting new wall patterns and materials creeping into design projects around the globe. And we’re not just talking about timid feature walls, we’re talking about big, bold and textured whole rooms.

Some options include panelled living areas that provide structure to otherwise bland walls, and strong coloured or patterned wall paper that provides plenty of personality and pop. Given they are relatively inexpensive design options, there’s no limit to what you can create.

TIP: a safe place to start is the wall behind your bedhead.

Bringing nature indoors

Following on from the recent architectural trend of blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces, bringing plants and greenery into the home is an easy way to get amongst nature without having to step outside.

House plants add colour, improve air quality and (literally) bring more life into a room. But first things first, make sure you select the right plants for the amount of natural light a room receives, because dry, withering plants aren’t spectacular to look at.

TIP: create themes, such as a line of matching red pots, or a row of bright green succulents.

Sanctuary chic

Our homes are a place to rest, recuperate and relax, so it makes sense that we try and encourage this through our interior design. Teaming up with other related themes of ‘mindfulness’ and ‘wellness’, sanctuary chic focuses on peace, comfort and calm.

Consider low furniture, floor cushions, uncluttered space and healthy green plants. Soft, natural tones are also great at providing a soothing atmosphere. It all comes down to creating a living space that looks good, and more importantly, feels good too.

TIP: engage the senses with plush furniture coverings, wood chimes, essential oils and artwork.