Well, summer is here again on the Gold Coast, and although this time of year means holidays, festivities, beach and fun, it also means heat and humidity, and lots of it. So we here at JW. Prestige Agents have put together a list of ways to keep your home cool over the warm months.

Check your insulation

If your home is poorly insulated, or worse, has none at all, the most effective way of reducing the temperature in your home is installing new insulation. Plus, by cooling your home in summer (and keeping it warm in winter), you can reduce your energy costs by around 40%.

Plant some trees

For a more natural solution to a hot home, consider planting trees along the east and west sides of your property to block sunlight. Do your best to select deciduous varieties, which will provide shade in summer but allow sun in winter. Vines and large shrubs will also help keep the sun off your house.

Go easy on appliances

Large appliances are responsible for producing a significant amount of heat. Try running the dishwasher and washing machine in the early morning, and swap the oven and stove top for a BBQ outside. It’s also best to replace incandescent light globes with more energy efficient options.

Keep windows closed

Up to 35% of unwanted heat sneaks into your home through the windows. Make sure to close your windows and draw your blinds in the morning before the mercury starts to rise, especially any windows receiving direct sunlight. Open things back up when it starts to cool off in the evening.

Get the air moving

Once the temperature cools, try to achieve as much cross-ventilation as possible by opening windows and doors that are positioned across from one another, allowing fresh air to move through a room. Consider installing an extra window or two in main living areas.

Consider your exteriors

If unwanted heat is an ongoing problem in your home, it may be worth investing in the exterior of your property. One option is to replace your roof with a material that better reflects the heat. Another option is to paint your roof and house exterior in a lighter colour.

Care for your air-con

To keep your AC running as effectively and efficiently as possible, make sure to change its filters regularly, as dirty filters reduce both airflow and air quality. It may also be worth having your unit serviced by a technician from time to time to keep it running at 100%.