10 simple summer holiday projects to increase the value of your home

While Christmas holidays are about fun, family and friends, they also provide a perfect opportunity to sink your teeth into some meaningful DIY projects around the home. We’re not talking about anything major that’ll kill your holiday vibe, just some relatively easy jobs that will add value to your home, as well as making it a better place to live.

As the leading boutique agency on the Gold Coast, JW. Prestige Agents knows what buyers want and what they value. We’ve put together ten easy and inexpensive jobs that you can start (and finish!) over summer that will boost the value of your property.

A fresh coat of paint

In terms of return on investment, it’s hard to go past the simple, yet very valuable, fresh coat of paint. It’s easy to do, can be knocked over in a few days, and can improve the look of your home tenfold. Pick colours that won’t date quickly, and make sure to test any tint before buying litres of it. Lastly, take your time and do a good job.

Green up your gardens

You don’t have to be particularly green in the thumb to create an attractive garden. There are thousands of websites that can help you to plan a simple outdoor space. Talk to your local nursery about plants, and be sure to understand how tall and wide they’ll grow, and how much TLC they need. If in doubt, Australian varieties that are native to your location are hard to beat.

Resurface the kitchen

Before you scoff in disgust at having to remodel a kitchen during your holiday break, hear us out. We’re only talking about a facelift to spruce things up a bit. Think about fresh paint for the walls, new cupboard panels, some updated fittings and perhaps a stylish benchtop. Focus on superficial improvements, and leave the big structural changes for somewhere else.

Time for blinds

New blinds can drastically improve the appeal of your home, particularly chic roller blinds in contemporary colours. Compared with drab curtains, blinds are a big improvement to any home. Not only do they look great, but they have the ability to enhance the sense of space in any room.

Bathroom refresh

The same advice from kitchen renovations applies here too. Plan your project and focus on easy improvements that modernise the space, without tampering with anything structural. Because, like kitchens, bathroom renovations can become expensive if you let them. Instead, think of new paint, contemporary tiles, on-trend fittings and maybe a new vanity. But that’s it.

Chill out with air-conditioning

Apart from improving your quality of life during our harsh Australian summers, installing a decent air-conditioning system is worth the money. In fact, in locations such as Queensland, home buyers will expect it. Shop around for good deals and ask about any promotional offers from manufacturers.

Curb appeal

Be honest, what does your home look like to a stranger driving by? If the answer is anything less than ‘fantastic’, then the value of your home is taking a hit. Some easy improvements are to paint your gutters, front door, window trims and garage. Even upgrading your letterbox and street numbers makes a difference.

Replace flooring

When it comes to value-killing furnishings, ugly carpet probably takes the cake. You need to sever any sentimental ties you have with your fluffy flooring, and get rid of it ASAP! Try replacing carpet with hard floor alternatives, especially in living areas, like timber laminate for a clean, contemporary look. If you wish to use carpet in bedrooms, try modern colours that won’t date too quickly.

Facelift the driveway

We often think of painting walls, ceilings and roofs, but not our driveways. It’s an unfortunate oversight because painting a driveway is quick, cheap and improves the overall look of your property (and people’s first impressions!). Darker colours are great at masking stains and superficial cracking, and remember to make it slip resistant, especially if your driveway is sloped.

A new lawn

Self-explanatory, really. But who doesn’t like a green, freshly mowed lawn? It keeps your property looking neat and tidy, and adds colour to your outside areas. Whereas dry and dusty patches of dirt will bring overall value down. Whether you need to replace your lawn completely, or can get away with some fertiliser and TLC, a healthy green lawn is well worth your time.